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Enter the world of sensual touch

Erotic tantra massages in Nuremberg

In tantric philosophy, men and women are met individually where they are. They are shown a path that may have seemed unthinkable before and has never been experienced like this before.

During a Tantra massage, you immerse yourself deeply in a sensually warm and wonderfully respectful world that was specially created with a lot of love and passion.

Sense needs sensuality.
Sensuality is our ability to enjoy life through all our senses.



The unique energy of our lovingly designed rooms, just for this one purpose A visual feast of colours and traditional wall motifs.



Immerse yourself in the world of harmonious sounds with your own melodies and very special vibrations.



Extraordinary fragrances of our oils and essences, soft, revitalising, like seventh heaven.



This sense is reawakened through special rituals.



Extraordinary fragrances of our oils and essences, soft, revitalising, like seventh heaven.

The Tantra Massage – As indescribable as it is unforgettable

Well-being and an intense experience for all the senses

Tantra terms

The Yoni is the tantric term for the female genitals (vulva, vagina and uterus). The literal translation from Sankskrit is the origin. Other meanings are also: womb, source, resting place, container, abode, loophole, nest. In Hinduism, the Yoni is a symbol of divine creative energy. Yoni is considered a symbol of female energy, the goddess, the creative power and is the name for symbols of the Divine Mother.

The Yoni massage energetically and mindfully involves the entire intimate area of ​​the woman – clitoris, pleasure lips, vagina, uterus, ovaries, G-spot and A-spot, with a. It helps women to get to know their own sexuality and female energy better and more intensively, thus communicating their wishes and feelings more clearly and thus enriching their love life enormously.

Lingam refers to the entire male genital area, such as the penis, testicles and prostate. The term comes from Sanskrit and is historically associated with reverence and loving care.

The lingam massage and the associated sensual, respectful and energizing touches get the male, sexual energy flowing. By consciously activating the Lingam reflex zones, not only the Lingam but also the entire body is strengthened and at the same time massaged into a relaxed state.

In a clearly defined framework, the lingam massage is the culmination of a sensual, heartfelt, tantric full-body massage, without sexual exchange. This enables men to take completely different paths, with new touch qualities and thus to experience their sexuality in a completely different way, more intensely, more powerfully and completely with themselves.

A man who knows himself and his lingam well can therefore clearly communicate his wishes and can finally arrive at himself, his masculine strength and energy.

Professional aspiration and vocation

Tamaganu Tantra-Team


All masseuses and masseurs live Tantra not only as a passion, but also as a philosophy and a path.


Qualified training, experience and regular further training ensure maximum massage enjoyment.

At our tantra studio in Nuremberg, we attach great importance to the high-quality training of our massage team. All masseurs and masseuses are professionally trained in our in-house training courses so that our massage guests can also experience and, in particular, feel the philosophy of Tamaganu Tantra.


I don’t just want to touch your skin, but also your heart…


I am absolutely present and in love with you…


I will help you to rediscover your sensuality…


I will guide you on the path to holistic well-being…


I am your soulful heart warrior and sensual companion…


Let me accompany you into the world of sensual ecstasy…


Come with me on a wonderful ecstatic journey…


I accompany you to complete well-being and inner joy…

We are looking for self-employed masseuses for tantra massages

Join the Tantra team

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If you have a passion for the art of touch and want to help people discover their senses and experience deep relaxation, then we would like to welcome you for a conversation!
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or call us and tell us about your motivation and your experiences in the field of tantra massages.

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Your application will of course be treated as strictly confidential.

Enter the oasis of senses

Feel good atmosphere

We have high professional standards that put people at the centre. This means that both women and men should feel completely at ease in our institute for tantra massages in Nuremberg and be able to let themselves go.

This is reflected in the lovingly furnished rooms, which are designed precisely for this purpose.

Unique wall design.

The colours of the walls and the motifs on them have been specially, carefully and purposefully selected to create a feel-good atmosphere.

High-quality materials

Natural materials and atmospheric lighting create a pleasant feeling as soon as you step onto the real wood parquet floor.

Love of detail

Loving accessories flatter the eye. These can also be purchased from us.

Gallery of the rooms

Our special offers and services

Tantric massages

To avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out once again that our traditional TAMAGANU tantric massages do not include sexual acts of any kind.

A heartfelt, sensual tantric massage is so much more appealing and touching!

You float in a completely new dimension and in other spheres.

Try out the ambience, the results and get completely involved with the masseuses, then you can feel the benefits on your own body, on your skin.

Experience your potential and let yourself be inspired by the sensual, warm, respectful touch and seduction into another world. Enjoy the feminine and masculine energy as well as the pure joy of life.

Are you ready to take part in our “Red Week”?

Dear tantric guest,

Look forward to our tantric Red Week campaign from May 20th to May 26th, 2024.

If you wear a red item of clothing during the promotional period, the friendly tantric masseuse will give you 20.00€ off the price of your chosen massage.

Of course, the masseuse also has a visual surprise for you that fits the theme.

We are looking forward to your visit with us!

With our extraordinary Tamaganu tantra massage you can immerse yourself deeply in the tantric world and easily relax and unwind from everyday life. Here you can experience and feel yourself and Tantra.

Feel free, your heart is for you open yourself, immerse yourself in this journey in which you are the only protagonist. Tantra Tamaganu is a journey to you to discover for yourself.

Through the special ritual and our deep Tamaganu massage you will be able to discover new, to discover and experience unknown joys for yourself.

The incredibly experiential Tantra Deluxe that lets you experience a mixture of emotions and ecstasy. The perfect combination of Tantra Tamaganu and our sensual body-to-body.

Enter this wonderful, sensual atmosphere with our water ritual, which will take you into a new energetic dimension. This will allow you to let go of everything and it will lead you into new worlds, you will discover new sensations, a haptic journey that you can enjoy with your eyes closed.

Feel warmly invited to not only enjoy the tantric massage, but also to give the masseuse touches in a wonderful tantric setting that will delight you. You can let yourself go and at the same time gain a lot from the new quality of touch and discover what is so attractive about tantric touch.

The journey takes a good 75 minutes or 105 minutes, depending on how deeply you want to immerse yourself in your masculine, powerful energy. Completely new doors will open, you will be allowed to enter new rooms if you are brave to feel and give the tantric, tender touches. Let ME AND YOU fascinate and enchant you.




upon request

The prices (RRP) are valid up to and including December 2024.

All masseurs give massages independently and on their own account.

Anja K.
from Nuremberg

“I enjoy the warmth and the soothing touch of the masseur. The sensual experiences have enriched my life and I wouldn’t want to miss them again”

Heinz M.
from Fürth

“Tantra has released many blockages for me and I always feel reborn after a massage”